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What Are Surgical Sutures?

A surgical suture is also known as a surgical stitch. This is a very important medical tool that helps in holding the tissues inside the body together. You might have witnessed a situation in which a person gets badly injured and the entire tissue ruptures. In such a situation, blood plasma is not enough to stop the bleeding. It must be stopped with the help of a proper stitch. 

Important Points To Keep In Mind For Surgical Sutures

Silk braided non-absorbable sutures help to hold the two organs together and prevent the building. Any damage reported in any part of the body can be cured with the help of these stitches. They try to hold different parts of the body together so that they get attached over a period of time naturally. They can be used with the help of a needle which helps to stitch the two different tissues together with each other. The important features of this particular stitch have been given in the following way. 

They Are Soluble Stitches

These stitches are not made up of ordinary thread. They are made up of different minerals and soluble compounds, which are solidified in the form of a thread-like structure. It is important to mention that most of the stitches are soluble in nature. It means when the body organ of the body tissue gets damaged, and it has to be stitched with the help of this thread. 

Then if such a situation happens, that thread dissolves over the period of time inside the body of a person to supply the essential minerals. Using the black braided silk surgical suture is a very convenient method because some time back, these threads had to be removed back from inside the body of the person. But now, this is not the case because it automatically gets dissolved inside. 

It Can Be Used To Close The Wound

The most important application of this medical equipment is to close a wound that has been badly exposed. Whenever there is an injury that can be controlled easily, blood plasma comes outside the body to prevent the bleeding by increasing clotting of the blood. 

But when the size of the wound is so large that even the quantity of the blood plasma cannot be sufficient to stop the bleeding. Then stitches must be the last option. This is an effective method to cure the wound in a very speedy way. It does not even cause any kind of side effects, and that is why most of the doctors use this technique even on children. 

Least Tissue Reaction

This particular stitch is made up with the help of silk polymer. It does not cause any reaction inside the body whenever it is used to hold two tissues together with each other. It is one of the most convenient methods, with the help of which is the best and the safest technique of curing wounds. 

It can be generated without even causing any kind of side effects. Most of the doctors find it safe, and that is why it is incorporated in almost every accidental treatment. 


For all the above-mentioned points, this reference could be made over the period. It is helpful for all the reasons which have been mentioned above.