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What Are Polyamide Nylon Sutures?

Polyamide nylon sutures are made from tomorrow’s fabric, i.e., nylon is a synthetic type of surgical sutures that are elastic and strong. Though back in history, nylon was taken as a substitute for silk, this has been accepted as a durable and cost-effective material in every field. Then, how can the surgical go untouched from nylon’s versatility? Nylon is an abbreviated form of polyamide which has preserved its structure and composition for years. The basic features and characteristics of nylon make the same an efficient material for surgical sutures. 

Characteristic Features Of Polyamide Nylon Sutures

  • Made from a single filament and non-absorbing material.
  • Easily sterilized surgery sutures.
  • Made from large (macro) units of recurring/repeating bonding of units.
  • Finds utility even in the most tender surgeries as cosmetic/plastic surgeries as well as cardiovascular surgeries.
  • Negligible chances of tissue reaction.
  • Appropriate for Neurosurgical operations and ophthalmologist procedures.
  • The elastic and strong material ensures better grip and rock-solid control.
  • Best grasping and the capillaries and action of the same.
  • Brilliant knitting and knotting features support the same as a surgical suture.
  • These are a few major characteristics of polyamide nylon sutures that are responsible for their rising preferences and popularity.
  • The same is a percutaneous type of suture that supports the softer tissue ligation. 

Uses Of The Same

  • Securing epidermal tissues and wounds.
  • Channels the hooking up of the injuries etc.
  • Cardiac surgeries except for the unnatural/ artificial prosthesis.
  • Supports orthopaedic surgery.
  • Even dental surgeries and repair, as well as other microsurgical treatments etc., find these useful and effective.
  • Ophthalmic surgeons find its utility in surgeries related to cataract/ trabeculectomy etc. 
  • Free from any sort of bacterial growth/regrowth or infection because of polished finishing and lacking capillaries.
  • Better in quality when compared to polypropylene ones as it has less plastic texture. Instead, the same is a great result of the synthetic material formulation.
  • Not only these, but various types of surgical procedures are nowadays secured or closed by the respective sutures. 

It’s advisable to check on the sterilization of the same as normally the repeated sterilization and reuse aren’t recommended. Even long-term sterilization may result in the deteriorated working of the same. 

Shelf Life Of Polyamide Nylon Sutures

Basically, these sutures are sterilized using ethylene oxide, and this shells the product’s life to a maximum of five years. The elastic quality of the same is an important feature that makes the respective suture perfect for the movable joints or stitches prone to movement as per the location of the same.

The same is completely safe and reliable as nylon sutures remain nonreactive to the body fluids like blood, secretions etc., in any form. The no adherence features of the same concerning the body tissues etc., make it a preferred choice by surgeons across the globe. 

The polyamide-nylon surgical sutures have found their utility in almost all the surgical procedures in medical science. Being biologically inactive and minimum tissue stimulation and reaction tend to be the main reasons favouring the utility of the same.