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Everything You Need to Know About Surgical Sutures

It is seen that many people need to undergo one or the other type of medical procedure. This might involve cuts on the body that needs to be stitched down to get fully healed. Although the medical industry has improved its working to a great extent, you can see a lot of equipment and procedures which are used to make the overall medical procedure easy to do. There are many surgical suture manufacturer available in the market, but the medical staff needs to look for the best quality suture. 

The surgical suture is one of the most common medical devices that can be used by many doctors during the surgery procedure. The suture will be used to hold the skin tissues well after surgery. To use suture, there is a requirement for a needle that is attached to the thread with the skin. Nowadays, a lot of varieties of sutures are available in the market that can be used in different procedures. 

The surgical sutures are mainly divided into two types i.e. Absorbable Suture and Non-absorbable sutures. The main difference between these two types of sutures is that the absorbable suture will get dissolved in the skin as the wound heals, but the non-absorbable suture needs to be removed by the doctor for further healing of the wound. 

Different medical experts use different techniques to heal the wound. The doctor uses different types of sutures and needles to stick the wound and also make sure that there are fewer chances of scars. Here is the list of different surgical suture techniques. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Continuous suture: It is a type of surgical technique that involves several types of stitches and only uses a single strand of suture to stitch together the wound. In this type of technique, the tension is evenly distributed throughout the suture strand.
  • Interrupted suture: In this type of technique, many strands of suture material are used to close the wound properly. In this type of technique, the doctor can close the wound securely, and everything will be held together well.
  • Deep sutures: This is the type of technique that is used deep below the skin. The sutures can be either interrupted or continuous and are mostly used for facial layer closure.
  • Buried sutures: The buried sutures are mostly done inside, and it is not removed once it is done. It is mostly used on large and deep corners of the body.
  • Purse-string sutures: It is a type of continuous suture which uses the purse-string suture around the infected area. This is the technique that will be used to reduce the surface area of the circular wound and makes sure that there is minimal scarring.

To help the doctors with medical procedures, sutures play a very important role. Although there are many suture manufacturers, Orion Suture is one such company that provides the best quality sutures in the market. The company avails a variety of sutures in the market.