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Why Vicryl Rapide is Preferred more Than Chromic Catgut for Episiotomy Repair?

Episiotomy is a precise cut made in the vagina during childbirth to eliminate the risk of difficult delivery and to prevent the ruptures of any tissues. This will help open the vagina bit wider so that the child can easily come out through the passage. Also, in some emergency cases, the episiotomy is done to do the quick delivery. After this, an episiotomy should be repaired to reduce blood loss and to prevent the risk of any infection. The episiotomy repair is done with three steps: first, repairing the vaginal mucosa, then repairing the muscle layer, and then repairing the skin layer. Doctors suture the cut with the help of dissolvable stitches. You will easily find black braided silk suture manufacturers online in India.

The black braided silk, also known as Vicryl Rapide, is an absorbable, synthetic, and usually braided suture that is majorly used for soft tissues and ligation. This is the first preference of the doctors for episiotomy repair. Vicryl Rapide, used for episiotomy repair, helps in rapidly healing the tissues of the body. It is considered or preferred more than the chromic catgut because various research has shown how amazingly it works. Following are some of the reasons why VicrylRapide is preferred more than chromic catgut for episiotomy repair:

  • Less pain- With the use of VicrylRapide in episiotomy repair, the person will feel less pain. Since VicrylRapide elicits less inflammatory tissue response than chromic catgut, it reduces postpartum pain. 
  • Reduces the need for re-suturing- The VicrylRapide holds high tensile strength than the chromic catgut, which reduces the need for re-suturing. To know better, it has 75% of initial tensile strength after 2 weeks, 50% of tensile strength after 21 days, and 25% after 28 days of implantation and absorbs within 60 – 75 days. It gets completely degraded by the tissue. So there is no need to take the suture out after the surgery.
  • Wound swelling- As compared to the chromic catgut, wound swelling is much less. Though the wound will start healing naturally, the type of suture material used will help in determining the recovery period. The VicrylRapide is made from a material that absorbs quickly in comparison to the chromic catgut.
  • Less analgesic- Analgesic is a remedy that is used to reduce the pain while suturing. VicrylRapide is a fast-absorbing Ethicon synthetic suture, which leads to less or no pain.

So above are the reasons why VicrylRapide is preferred more than chromic catgut for superficial soft tissues. As per many researches, VicrylRapide has always had a preference from the other sutures. ‘Orion Sutures’ is one of the leading companies, well known for manufacturing different surgical sutures. They are the best black silk suture supplier in India. They are the bulk suppliers and provide them at much affordable prices for both hospital supplies and tenders. In India, Orion sutures are the surgeons’ choice for secure and safe wound closure.