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Are Silk Braided Sutures Worth The Value And Popularity They Are Earning?

The most dominant place in the category of surgical instruments is given to surgical sutures. It is referred to as a stitch tool. Its surgical device used to be medical practitioners/surgeons for holding the skin or the epidermal tissues together to enhance healing up of wounds and cuts. The respective wounds and cuts may be a result of any injury or any surgical procedure. Any stitch or a row of the same that held the corners (edges) of the injury or targeted spot together is said to be a medical suture. Traditionally, the sutures were required to be cut off or removed after the healing up of the wound or recovery of the affected area, but with the advancement and growth of technology, different types of sutures are introduced in the field. Among all those the silk braided suture is generally preferred by experts and surgeons. The characteristic features of the same being a type of entwined silk fibre thread is the reason for the popularity of the same. 

Characteristic Features Of The Silk Sutures

A silk suture is supported with the easy handling feature with non-allergic material benefits for the wound. The softness of the same results in quick and appropriate effects. The healing process is facilitated by minimum bleeding levels to ensure completely balanced new tissue regeneration. 

Silk sutures are easy to be sterilized and are made from natural protein fibre, i.e., silkworm’s larvae that make it easy to degrade on its own. This is thus convenient to both doctors as well as patients. 

The versatility of the application of silk braided suture remains unmatched in terms of strength (mechanical tendencies) and heat-prone stability. 

These sutures have been seen as an important part of antibacterial and biomaterial promising medical needs. With tensile strength, non-absorbability, flexibility and coating of filament and efficient and intact packaging, the same has become readily acceptable in today’s medical field.

Advantages Of Using Silk Braided Suture

The advancement of technology in the medical field has immensely experienced growth and development. Out of all these, the advent of black braided silk surgical sutures being silicon coated and perfectly fine, the natural originis said to be the most prominent in the surgical world. 

  • The outer support of the silk braided suture helps in keeping the position of the stitches fixed and intact. The material has unbelievable compatibility and flexibility that aids the pain-free and tensile strength for some time. 
  • These have silicon coating allowing ease of passing through the epidermis or inner layer of tissues during the procedure. The modern surgical sutures are compact braids of silk thread normally sterilized using ethylene oxide. 
  • The colour of the black silk braided sutures adds to the benefits of the same.
  • The silk sutures are perfect for all types of surgeries and repair in the context of dental or gastroenterology may be obstetrics or neurosurgery, bonding or plastic/ cosmetic surgery etc. 
  • Moreover, the suitability of the same to vanish on its own is the basic concept of relief and ease both for patients and doctors.

The list of benefits of silk braided sutures is still long, and all these make the same magical.