Suture Manufacturer in India

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When Do You Need Suture Products?

When there is a cut or a wound, it heals on its own if it’s small, but if it is a deep cut or a wound that might have been caused due to any reason, it might need professional help to close. This is done by doctors who are well versed in what kind of wound closing technique has to be used in the particular kind of wound or cut. Usually, doctors use sutures to close wounds or any other kinds of issues that might have been opened due to an accident or during a surgical process that is now complete. Doctors get these sutures from the surgical suture suppliers who manufacture the sutures keeping in mind the quality and using the right materials for the same.

There can be a variety of reasons for which there is a cut or wound on the body. It needs to be closed using different kinds of sutures according to the kind of wound it is. The doctors use different kinds of sutures depending upon the cut, and the time it would need to heal completely.

Generally, there are two kinds of sutures available in the market – absorbable and non-absorbable. These are used by doctors all over.

Here are the two types of sutures available in the market:

  • Absorbable suture: The absorbable suture is made up of natural materials that are the enzymes that are found in the human body. These enzymes get dissolved with the help of the body’s natural process, and they are gone by the time the wound is completely healed. This kind of suture is great for people who might have allergies or don’t need much time for the wound to heal as the enzymes start digesting the suture thread within no time.
  • Non-absorbable suture: The non-absorbable sutures are used to leave on for a long time or permanently. They are mainly used after major surgeries that require constant care. At the time when the wound heals, the doctor can simply remove the sutures from the wound. The suture does not dissolve naturally as it is made up of synthetic materials. These types of sutures are mainly composed of silk, polyester, nylon etc. and a combination of these materials.

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