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Multifilament Surgical Sutures And Their Uses

A surgeon is just as good as their tools, and that is why surgical tools require and are given such great care. A great tool in the hands of any good surgeon is suturing. Multifilament sutures are sutures of immense value. They have natural or synthetic structures which consist of multiple filaments. Such braided or wrapped filaments are their chief constitutes. According to the braid or wrapping type, the surgical sutures will have two types. Various suture manufacturers in the country offer Multifilament Surgical Sutures with several valuable advantages over others and a wide range of users.


If two filaments can be combined and braided, such sutures are called twisted. If more than two filaments are braided, then such sutures are called braided. They have a capillary property, and although this capillary property can get reduced with coating, it cannot be eliminated.

Advantages Offered

They offer several advantages, including

1. They are easy to use and thus enormously happy.

2. They will not get lost easily because of high knot safety. This is a great benefit as it ensures that the healing process will not get disturbed due to the unintentional exposure of the wound.

3. They are flexible, strong, soft, and bendable. This ensures that they do not affect the mobility of the wounded organs or hurt unnecessarily.

4. They have high resistance.

5. They are durable against wear, making them last long enough to heal the wound.

6. They can be far better than their alternatives in several cases.

7. They can efficiently serve their purpose.

Precautionary Note

 Multifilament sutures, whether both absorbable and non-absorbable types, may not be suitable for wounds that have a high infection risk. This is because they may be liable to spread the infection in question.

It must be noted that a special coating may be used to minimize this problem.


One can add that. Generally, such sutures are used to connect various internal organ tissues after any surgical interventions. However, this is only a general use, and there may be some exceptions to it. Moreover, some surgeons might also use the sutures for surface tissues, given the wound.

Chemical Structure

Various sutures come with different chemical structures, and various materials from stainless steel to polyester may be used for making sutures. The value of different kinds of materials depends on the user in question, and the surgeons must pay due attention to the material used for making sutures before choosing those best suited to their needs.

Wrapping Up

While wrapping up the above discussion, it can be safely concluded that Multifilament Surgical Suture offers many benefits and is immensely beneficial. One should, of course, take the necessary precautions while using them to avoid any harmful side effects.

 While various multifilament surgical sutures are available in the market, they should be used carefully. The surgical suture should be chosen carefully, and one should ensure that they are suitable for the purpose for which they are being used.