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Sutures, Suture Needles, and Its Various Types

Medical procedures need many tools and techniques that will surely give out better results. Procedures like surgeries are done by cutting the skin to reach deep inside the body. Just make the process of healing the wound quicker. Doctors do take the help of surgical sutures along with sutures needles. Almost every surgery is successful when the doctor can stitch the whole wound properly in the right way. Even the right way of suture stitch can have a great impact on the healing and prevention of the wound from any type of complication. Sutures manufacturing company is coming up with so many types of sutures. Different sutures can be used for different types of work.

There are different types of suture needles used in the procedure. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Curved needles: Curved needles are one of the most commonly used types of suture needles for different surgical practices. This suture needle is used for suturing at the sites that allow very less space for manoeuvring, like eyes, nerves, tendons, cardiovascular sites, muscles, etc.
  • Straight needle: It is the type of needle which is preferred to the suture site where the tissues are easily accessible. Indifferent procedures, straight needles can be easily used, and even finger-held manipulation is possible with these needles.
  • Half-curved needle: this is the type of needle that is mostly preferred in laparoscopic surgical procedures. It is a great combination of straight and curved needles and can be used for skin closure.
  • Compound curved needle: This is a type of curved needle which is mostly used in anterior segment ophthalmic surgery. The main advantage of using this type of needle is that it will provide equal and precise suturing and will provide equal pressure on all sides of the wound.
  • Cutting needles: Cutting needles are very sharp-edged needles that will offer an easy penetration into the skin. The use of these types of needles might vary according to the surgical procedure. Different medical techniques can be used with this needle to bring the best results.

The sutures have become a piece of great revolutionary equipment in the medical industry. The use of the sutures will help in stitching down the wound properly so that it can heal well. Sutures are intact on the skin with the help of the suture needles that will go inside the skin and put the cut together.

In the market, many companies are coming up with surgical sutures. But with time, Orion Sutures have become so famous in the market for the quality of the sutures that they avail in the market. You will find different types of sutures that can be used in different medical procedures. With time, the technology is becoming fast so is the innovation in sutures. Sutures and suture needles are something that plays a very important role in the medical industry. An everyday company like Orion suture is coming up with a great quality of sutures that are highly efficient in working.