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Absorbable Sutures And Its Various Types

Surgery is not complete until the whole wound is not stitched together so that it doesn’t get infected at any point. For this, sutures are playing a very important that will help in closing the wounds and can put it for recovery. Nowadays, there are different types of sutures available in the market and can be easily used for different processes. The surgical suture is one of the most common and effective medical equipment that can be used to give out the best results. The sutures are divided into two categories i.e. absorbable suture and non-absorbable suture. Polyglactin 910 (vicryl) is a common example of an absorbable suture and the black silk suture, one of the most demanded sutures in the market, is a great type of non-absorbable suture. 

The absorbable sutures are the ones that get dissolved in the skin, and it doesn’t require any medical assistance to take them out. There are different types of absorbable sutures which are discussed below:

  • Catgut sutures: It is a natural, monofilament, and absorbable suture which is having good tensile strength. The strength of the suture can easily hold the skin tissues so well that it will result in quick healing of the wound. The suture will easily dissolve in the skin and disappears within 60 to 120 days. The sutures are highly flexible with great knotting. This type of suture is quite great for the healing of tissues quickly.
  • Poliglecaprone suture: It comes under the synthetic monofilament suture, which can be used to repair the soft tissues of the skin. This type of suture is mostly used for subcuticular dermis closure, especially on the patient’s skin. Different medical techniques are used to come up with the best results.
  • Polydioxanone sutures: It is also a synthetic monofilament suture that will be used to repair different types of soft-tissues wounds or abdominal closures. Many surgeons use this type of sutures during the paediatric cardiac procedure because it is so efficient in that procedure.
  • Polyglactin sutures: It is a synthetic braid type of suture that works great for the wounds on hands and face where the skin is very soft. The absorption period of this suture is far better than catgut sutures. These sutures will not exhibit any sort of reaction with the tissue. It is one most demanded absorbable suture among medical experts.

The main motive of using the suture is to close the wounds of the skin and help it to heal quickly. The sutures are attached to the suture needle that can provide the appropriate stitching of the wound so that there are minimal chances of scarring. Orion sutures are one of the leading platforms that are in the business of different types of sutures. Even Orion Sutures are known as the best black braided silk suture manufacturer in India. The quality of all the sutures made available by the company is supremely high, which will surely fulfill the requirement of almost every type of medical procedure.