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What Are the Reasons for Choosing Polypropylene Sutures?

A suture is a type of wire or thread mainly used for surgical applications in a hospital to repair wounds or cuts. Manufacturers offer various types of sutures for hospitals that cater to their requirements. However, they require a proper evaluation that will help invest money depending on the needs. Modern sutures come with various features allowing users to obtain optimal results. When choosing a suture, a hospital should keep certain things in mind that help meets its exact needs. Polypropylene suture, which is also known as prolene, provides several advantages to users in various ways. It is a non-absorbable suture that shows ways to perform a surgical procedure without any hassles.

8 Advantages of Polypropylene Suture 

  1. Easy to use 

Synthalin mesh or orilene mesh is the brand name of polypropylene suture used by a manufacturer. The primary advantage of this suture is that it is easy to use and offers long-term support for the tissues. Furthermore, it caters to the requirements of users that help obtain optimal results.

  1. Retains tensile strength 

Tensile strength is an important factor to keep in mind when buying a polypropylene mesh from a company. This is because it can withstand for more days when it comes to wound healing. Polypropylene mesh retains tensile strength and won’t degrade by fibrous connective tissues.

  1. Increased visibility 

Prolene is a synthetic suture that has low tissue reactivity. Moreover, it is a bright blue dye product that enhances visibility during a surgical procedure by addressing essential requirements. The suture is ideal for soft tissue approximation and ligation.

  1. Not absorbed by the body 

Since prolene suture is non-absorbable, it provides ways to ensure more flexibility in complex surgery. Another thing is that it doesn’t harm the human body to witness peace of mind.

  1. Available in various sizes and shapes 

Leading suture manufacturers offer prolene sutures in various sizes, including pre-cut sizes allowing users to select them depending on their needs. Besides, they even provide them in different shapes, thereby showing ways to gain more advantages.

  1. Prolene suture is very soft 

Prolene sutures are ultra-sensitive and ultra-soft enabling users to perform incisions and surgery procedures without any hassles. Furthermore, they won’t cause any pain or discomfort to users. There is no need to worry about tissue drag or stress while using a prolene suture.

  1. Properly sterilized 

Prolene sutures come in sealed bags that are thoroughly sterilized, which helps prevent contamination and other problems. Sutures need proper sterilization to eliminate infections caused by bacteria and other organisms. Also, they require a high-quality storage place to maintain sterilization for several days.

  1. Suitable for various medical procedures 

Prolene mesh is suitable for various medical procedures such as pelvic reconstruction, tissue carrier, vaginal prolapse suspension, etc. The prolene suture absorbable is a lightweight product that caters to the requirements of users. It comes in different parameters, knitting patterns, and thicknesses. It is wise for hospitals to select the right company that offers the best suture items at affordable rates.