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Understanding Vicryl Polyglactin 910: A Guide to Surgical Sutures

The medical field relies on surgical sutures, and they play a vital role in the completion of many medical procedures. Vicryl is a widely used suture among all types of sutures. In this article, we shall discuss the characteristics, advantages, and application of Vicryl Polyglactin 910 suture.


Role of Polyglactin 910 suture

Synthetic absorbable suture material, known in the medical sector as Polyglactin 910 suture or Vicryl, has become increasingly popular. Made from a mix of polymers, primarily polyglactin, it is biocompatible. Vicryl sutures are commonly used for wound closure and surgical operations because they are known to hold wounds together until the beginning of the healing process.


Manufacture of Vicryl Sutures

Vicryl Polyglactin 910 sutures are provided by the leading company that produces medical supplies. The sutures are produced under strict quality assurance guidelines and are meant for medical applications. The raw materials undergo conversion into a braided structure that is further coated with the specially formulated compound designed to facilitate the smooth passage of tissues.


The characterization of Vicryl polyglactin 910 sutures

  • Absorbable Nature: The vicryl sutures are absorbable in that they get digested slowly while in use by a particular body. It also means that the sutures do not have to be taken down, which would otherwise increase the level of pain that a patient experiences and possibly cause an infection.
  • Tensile Strength: They possess high tensile strength that ensures wound integrity until the healing has progressed significantly.
  • Minimal Tissue Reaction: The tissue reacts minimally upon placement of these sutures, thus making them appropriate for use in sensitive parts of the body.
  • Versatile: Vicryl polyglactin 910 sutures are ideal for various types of medical procedures such as general surgery, gynecological surgery, orthopedic surgery, and many other operations.
  • Sterilization: Sterilized packs of Vicryl sutures are used to preserve their sterility and prevent contamination.


Uses of Vicryl Polyglactin 910 Sutures

Vicryl Polyglactin 910 sutures find application in various surgical procedures, including:


  • General Surgery: These are closure sutures used to close abdominal incisions and wounds as well as for general surgical purposes.
  • Gynaecology: Vicryl sutures are widely used in gynaecological surgeries such as hysterectomies and caesarean sections.
  • Orthopaedics: Vicryl sutures are frequently used by surgeons during orthopaedic surgery when performing repair work on the tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues.
  • Dermatology: Vicryl sutures are used for skin incision closure with less scar formation during cosmetic surgeries among dermatologists.



Vicryl Polyglactin 910 is a dependable and adaptable product in the global market for surgical sutures. These high-strength absorbable sutures are produced in accordance with strict quality control standards, offering several benefits, like the fact that they dissolve slowly and do not cause a harsh tissue reaction. This has seen their applications in different surgical specialties and is, hence, a tool that cannot be ignored by health care practitioners.

Doctors and patients need to have a proper understanding of Vicryl Polyglactin 910 in order for surgical treatment to be successful and for the patient to be healthy. The selection of vicryl sutures 910 manufacturer is imperative in offering the best care for patients and consequently expeditious recoveries.