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Suturing for Dental Surgical Success

Sutures are the medical devices used to repair cuts and are used to restore skin integrity. They are used in surgical procedures. Suturing is a necessary part of dental or any surgical procedure where there is an injury to the tissues present in the oral cavity. Proper healing of the tissues takes place only if the sutures are properly placed. Proper suturing aids in the healing of the wound and prevents further infections. In dental procedures, it is important to note that appropriate suture needle and suturing technique is selected. Also, we should ensure that proper material is selected for suturing. It depends upon the site of injury which is to be treated. Mostly, Non-absorbable sutures are preferred over absorbable sutures in dentistry. Out of all these sutures, silk braided non-absorbable sutures are the ones that are widely used in dentistry.

Non-absorbable sutures are either man-made or natural. Natural sutures are those of silk, cotton, and linen whereas man-made sutures are those of nylon (polyamide) and polypropylene. Black braided silk sutures are natural having animal origin. These sutures have a silicone coating. The silicon coating prevents their absorption and also elicits less tissue reaction. The silk sutures are tightly braided and help to provide good knot security. 

The buccal cavity is home to many microorganisms. When the sutures come in contact with the oral cavity, the sutures get contaminated with the microbes. The silk sutures are coated and braided and have various advantages over other sutures which are stated below.

Why are Black braided Silk sutures preferred in Dentistry?

· Easy to handle: Mostly Surgeons prefer black braided silk sutures as they can be easily handled.

· Good knot security: Black silk sutures are tightly braided and enhance the strength and security of the sutures.

· Minimal tissue reaction: Black braided silk sutures do not trigger any tissue reaction. They are inert and elicit less tissue reaction.

· Good tensile strength: Black braided silk sutures have high tensile strength, and they are highly durable, provides long-term protection.

· Cheap: Braided silk sutures are not very expensive; hence they are preferred over other non-absorbable sutures.

· Good flexibility: Black braided silk sutures are highly flexible and are widely used in dental procedures because they can be easily folded or twisted without breakage.

· Reduces friction: Black braided silk sutures have a silicon coating and braided structure which decreases friction and helps in stitching.

· Indications and Contraindications of Black silk sutures: Black Braided silk sutures are widely used in dental surgeries. These are also used in plastic surgery, ophthalmic surgery, gastrointestinal closures, episiotomy, cardiovascular and neurological procedures. Silk sutures should not be used in urological procedures because it leads to the production of stones at the sutured site and also at the site of infection. Silk sutures must not be used in the case when the patient is suffering from bulimia.

The sutures used in the oral procedures must be different from the sutures used in other surgical sites. The selected sutures must be considered during the treatment planning of the oral surgery. Black braided silk sutures are manufactured in the companies from where they go to the black silk suture supplier and goes to the hospitals where they are used in surgeries. Due to the advancement of the usage of sutures in dentistry, vast knowledge of suturing techniques and materials is needed. The higher quality of suturing materials decreases the risk of post-operative infections.