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Highlighting the Application of Ethilon Polyamide Suture and Identifying the Properties Supporting It

From the pages of ancient history to modern history, we can find the development made by human beings in various domains. The miraculous benefits enjoyed by human society are the fruits of development. We have contributed to the upliftment of human society through development in the field of medical science and surgery. There are different medicines available in the market which can solve the problem of various diseases. Similarly, in the field of surgery, we have brought innovations. Stitching or minting human tissues, nerves and organs have been simplified. One of the items used for stitching is Polyamide suture. While conducting surgery, the surgeon has to create an incision. This incision is closed with the help of a suture.

Apart from surgery, a suture can be used to close an injury. Well, the application of a suture is determined based on the location and severity. Polyamide sutures are used in surgeries related to eyes and nerves. Due to the visibility factor, these sutures are available in the market in green, dyed black or blue colour. They are different factors leading to the application of polyamide sutures

  •       Leak Proof: there is a huge difference between human skin and other surfaces. One of the surfaces is organic, and the other is not. Since it is organic, the thread used for stitching should be different. The basic structure of ethanol polyamide suture consists of a single filament. In addition, the materials used for building nylon sutures consist of special materials that can prevent leakage. Due to its non-absorbing feature, ethilon polyamide sutures are preferred in surgeries related to eyes, cosmetics, and nerves.
  •       Robust Nature: apart from having a non-absorbable feature, ethilon polyamide sutures are famous for their strength. They have a low risk of getting absorbed in the tissue. The surface of a tissue faces tension during the movement of muscles. Having greater tensile strength, ethilon polyamide suture prevents the opening of old injuries or incisions during surgery. Since the ethilon polyamide suture has a lower probability of getting absorbed in the tissue, it remains in its original position for a longer period.
  •       Flexible Nature: ethilon polyamide suture is highly flexible. They can be used easily and can be used in complex structures and terrain. Being flexible, it can be used to tie knots, and as a suture, it can penetrate through the skin without any irritation from the skin. Due to its flexible feature, it can be handled easily, and they are preferred during cosmetic surgeries.
  •       Other Features: ethilon polyamide sutures are free from infection and bacterial growth. It has less plastic content as compared to polypropylene sutures. Despite having minute input changes, the result and the effectiveness of the ethilon polyamide suture are not compromised. Different complex surgeries are possible due to the immense benefit of ethilon polyamide sutures. These sutures are produced and sealed to maintain sterility. Not only are they easy to use, but they also promote easy removal. They have minimum tissue reaction and irritation.


The polyamide nylon suture is a marvel of scientific innovation. It has brought immense benefits to human society and promoted complex surgeries. They are easy to use and provide efficient support to the tissue.