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Everything about suturing – needles, sizes, and materials

Suturing is the process of closing the wounds with the help of a suture. The doctors or surgeons need to know about the type of suture they have to use. So the doctor must consider the factors like the type of tissue to be suture before selecting the suture material, size of the suture, etc. There are many types of sutures available in the market, so surgeons must decide what to choose in what type of situation. Usually, the sutures are classified as absorbed and non-absorbed. Also, make sure to use the best quality of suture. You can easily find suture manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Know that the size, needle type, suture size, and material all should be considered and taken into consideration. The doctors must have the right information so that the right kind of suture can be used for the tissue to be sutured. Not only the suture, but one should also bring the needle size and suture material into consideration. You will get a variety of options to choose from as there are many manufacturers available in the market. So it is important to choose one which has a good name in the market. To know better about this, the following points will help you:

  • Suturing needles- There are two types of suturing needles, one is cutting needles, and the second is tapered needles. Cutting needles have sharp tips and edges, which makes an easy way for penetration into the skin. This is specified as the best needle for the tough tissues and is likely used by surgeons. On the other hand, tapered needles have sharp tips with smooth edges. This type is suitable for subcutaneous tissues.
  • Needle size- The needle size or length is from the tip to the end hole. The needle is connected with the thread from the eye hole. Usually, the smallest length is used by the doctors for better results.
  • Suture size- One should know that the smaller the number, the bigger will be the size of the suture. Different suture sizes are used for different areas in the body, like 10-0 is fine as human hair is used for microvascular procedures. The suture in size 00 is used for closing the abdominal wall. The suture between 5-0 and 6-0 is preferably used for the face.
  • Suture material- As said above, there are two types of suture material i.e., absorbed and unabsorbed. Absorbed suture gets dissolved in the body tissue, which means there is no need to remove the suture. But it does leave a scar, so it is always preferred to use it under the skin. The unabsorbed suture does not get dissolve in the body. Therefore it should be gets removed after a few days as recommended by your doctor. It won’t leave a deep scar as absorbed suture does as it gets removed. Further, there are also braided and non-braided sutures. In braided, several strands are twisted together, and in non-braided, a single strand is used to close the wound.

So above are some points which help in understanding the suture procedure. You can contact ‘Orion Sutures’ for the best surgical suture suppliers.