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Choose The Best Surgical Suture For Your Practice

When it comes to performing a surgery, the success depends upon the doctor’s skills, experience, and knowledge. But one should know that the right equipment and tools also make a huge difference in the surgery. So here, it becomes important for the doctors and surgeons to pay much attention to using the right tools and equipment. Using the right quality tools is essential for the safety of the patients. Some of the important tools are injections, sutures etc which are important for the surgeons to pay attention to. There are many suture suppliers and manufacturers in India, and you can easily find them online.

Among all, sutures are an important tool as these are used by doctors to close the wound of your skin. While suturing a wound, the doctor will use a needle with a thread attached to it. One should know that if the suture is not done right, it may increase the chances of infections and hamper the wound. Also, know that there are different sutures available, and the doctor will use the one which will suit the kind of wound. Sutures are classified based on absorbable or non-absorbable. The absorbable ones will dissolve in this skin as the wound will heal. On the other hand, a non-absorbable suture is cut off after a few days or is left permanent. Types of absorbable sutures are gut, polydioxanone (PDS), poliglecaprone (monocryl), and polyglactin (vicryl). The non-absorbable ones are nylon, silk, polypropylene (prolene), or polyester. 

Following are some steps highlighting what to consider while choosing the surgical suture:

  • Type of tissue to be sutured- It is important to know that what tissue is to be sutured like, for example- if you have to suture a soft tissue, vicyrlrapide is considered an ideal option as it has high tensile strength and dissolves in a few days.
  • Time duration- The doctor needs to know and consider which suture will take how much time to hold the wound in place. Also, it is important to consider the time taken by the suture to dissolve, if absorbable.
  • Size of the suture- The diameter of the suture will affect the handling position and tensile strength. Also, know that the larger the size, the smaller the diameter will be. Like for instance, a suture 7-0 in size will be smaller than a suture 3-0 in size.
  • Ease of use- Also, the surgeon or the doctor should consider the fact which one gives them the ease to use it. The doctors should use those which they can use comfortably.
  • Coating- The suture should have some material coating for the reduction of tissue drag that can further assist in the overall smooth movement of the suture when the body part of the suture is removed.

So above are some of the points to be considered while choosing the surgical suture. For the best surgical suture, you can contact Orion sutures. They are known for supplying in bulk qualities to the hospitals and tenders at a much affordable cost.