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15 Incredible Facts About Polyglactin 910 Suture

The synthetic, easily absorbed surgical suture Polyglactin 910 is recommended for operations requiring the approach of tissue (mostly soft tissues) for 56 – 70 days. Allows for precise knot placement and less tendency to adhere to tissues. This suture is constructed from a copolymer of lactic acid and glycolic acid (910) and is coated artificially with polyglactin 370 & calcium stearate.

A synthetic, braided, easily absorbed suture known as PGLA and polyglactin 910 is sterile and absorbable. For lighting and approximating soft tissue, PGLA sutures are recommended. The tensile modulus of the suture lasts in tissue for around 3 to 4 weeks. 90% glycolide & 10% L-lactide were copolymerized to form Polyglactin 910 sutures. A synthetic braid fibre that is digestible is called Polyglactin 910 suture. Both plain (uncoated) & coated sutures are available. A polymer of lactide & lactide mixed with calcium stearate makes up the coating in equal amounts. A salt combining calcium with stearic acid is called calcium stearate. This combination creates a suture-friendly, absorbable, adhering lubricant. These are all water-repellent materials, which reduce tissue absorption rate into the suture.


It is a synthetically coated, twisted multifilament, the easily absorbed suture that is softer as it passes through tissues & tends to cause less discomfort. It has a shorter absorption time and improved tensile strength, and its Polyglactin sutures undergo chemical hydrolysis degradation before being ingested and metabolized by the body. The suture loses bulk after the filtration process but is completely reabsorbed after 90 days.

Unique Features of Polyglactin 910 Sutures:

  • Coating Polyglactin 910 suture results in a more delicate synthetic, easily absorbed suture that quickly penetrates tissue.
  • Simple tissue insertion
  • Accurate knot placement vs PGA suture
  • Reliable absorption by a straightforward hydrolytic process
  • Less propensity to irritate tissue
  • Enhanced tensile strength
  • A prolonged duration of absorption
  • The Polyglactin 910 surgery suture is a soft suture with excellent absorption and adhesion capabilities since it is made with quickly metabolized ingredients and eliminated by the organism. 
  • It is suggested for usage in paediatrics, cuticles, episiotomy, urologist, traumatology, gastrointestinal, general closure, cosmetic procedures, ophthalmic surgery, episiotomy, and gynaecology-obstetrics.
  • Unsuitable for neurological and cardiovascular tissues. Since it is a synthetic, easily absorbed suture, it shouldn’t be utilized when tissues are being approached for a prolonged period.
  • Unisynth quick sutures are excellent for short-term wound support because they have a lower molecular weight than traditional polyglactin 910 and polyglycolic acid sutures, allowing faster tissue absorption. 
  • They also maintain roughly 50% of their strength properties five days after implantation. Because of its improved tensile strength, consistent absorption, and minimal to non-existent tissue reactivity, it is a far better option than catgut sutures.
  • Qualities: Strong tensile strength, Consistent knot stability, Smooth tissue transit that causes no damage.
  • General surgery, gynaecology, gastrointestinal system, and ocular procedures require Unisynth Fast Sutures. Cardiology & neurology treatments do not utilize it.

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