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Stainless Steel Suture

Stainless Steel Suture
Stainless Steel Suture
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Product Code : ORISTEEL
Product Description

Made of 316 grade low carbon vacuum melt stainless steel, the offered sutures serve as sternum wires for securing bone during sterna closure period post open chest surgical procedure. These Steel Sutures are also required for repairing of tendon, hernia, cerclage and for wound closure of abdomen area.

These steel sutures have been developed by vacuum re melting of pharmaceutical grade stainless steel with molybdenum alloy based content. The surface of these sutures are brightened, drawned and is annealed. The tensile strength of these sutures ranges between 700 Mpa to 800 Mpa.


  • Steel sutures are accessible in U.S.P size range of 1-7 with needles of different specifications that include taper cut, conventional cut, blunt and reverse cut etc.
  • The standard of these sutures conforms to the United States Pharmacopeia.
  • Uniform structure, superior and long lasting surface finishing and high fatigue resistance properties are the main attributes of these standard grade sutures.


  • Ductile steel made annealed surface of these sutures is soft and is breakage protected.
  • Developed from top grade steel, the insertion of these sutures does not cause inflammation or other side effects in tissues.
  • The alloy steel made needles (300 series) of these sutures guarantee about their exceptional strength, efficiency level and sharpness.
  • Advanced laser welding method has been adopted to join their needle section to improve needle strength.


These 316L grade stainless steel made sutures are in sync with the ASTM F138 Grade 2 norms specified for surgical wire and bar meant for implantation purpose. Also, these sutures adhere to the regulations of the European Pharmacopeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specified for surgical sutures with non absorbable characteristics. These steel sutures have no adverse effect on tissues and their tensility level remains intact for longer period.


  • The provided steel sutures are advised to be used for intestinal anastomosis, sternal closure, abdominal wound closure, several types of orthopedic procedures that include repairing of tendon or cerlage and hernia repair.


  • The selection and fixing of these sutures should be done on the basis of the health condition of patient, prior experience of surgery of surgeon, technique followed in surgery and the type or pattern of injury.


  • The implantation of stainless steel sutures has negligible tissue reactivity (inflammation). These sutures tend to surrounded by the fiber containing connective tissues of implanted area. These non absorbable sutures do not lose their tensile strength even when these are exposed to enzymatic reactions. These are recommended for the surgical procedures where mild tissue reaction will not incur any negative effect on wounded part. The removal of these sutures via pulling does not damage surrounding tissues.

Contra – indications:

  • These sutures are not suitable for patients who experience allergic reaction to any metal based suture that contains nickel, chromium and steel. The steel content of these sutures may have adverse effect on radio diagnostics procedure. Therefore, these sutures are not meant for patients going through radiographic procedure.


  • Pharmaceutical grade paper based folder is used as the basic packaging material for these steel sutures. Every pack consists of 2 x 75cm or 4 x 45cm sutures.
  • These paper folders are wrapped by polyester film laminated Tyvek paper pouch.
  • These pouches are packed in 320 GSM Cyber XL made small shaped cartons and each carton contains twelve packs of sutures.
  • Tamper protected film is used to cover these cartons to safeguard these against dust particles or dirt.
  • Finally, these are packed in 7 ply carton of export quality. 


Needle Length Needle Description Suture Length Suture Size in USP
1 2 5 6
40 mm 1/2 Circle Blunt Point Round Bodied 4 x 45 cm OS 661 OS 662

40 mm 1/2 Circle Taper Cutting 4 x 45 cm OS 660 OS 650

45 mm 1/2 Circle Blunt Point Round Bodied 4 x 45 cm

OS 651 OS 649
2 x 75 cm

OS 645