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Polyglycolic Acid Suture

Polyglycolic Acid Suture
Polyglycolic Acid Suture
Product Code : 15
Product Description

ORYL (Polyglycolic Acid) Suture which is sold under the brand name of Petcryl Mono, is an initiative of SRI ORION Sutures. The offered absorbable suture contains single strand of synthetic fiber (monofilament) which is basically the co polymer obtained from caprolactone and glycolide.

The implantation ofORYL (Polyglycolic Acid) Suture causes minimal tissue reaction and this suture tends to gain around 50% to 60% initial strength post one week of fixing. After two weeks, its tensile strength reaches to 20% to 30%. Approximately 3 to 4 months are required for total absorption of this suture via hydrolysis method. Most of the attributes of this suture and absorption characteristics have resembles to the features of Monocryl suture. Its monofilament based smooth structure moves through the tissue more smoothly than its braided counterpart. It resembles to nylon based suture in terms of its consistent feature. It is occasionally utilized for time consuming percutaneous wound closure surgery. It is not recommended for high tension wound closure purpose.

This suture is suggested for ligature, subcuticular dermis closure and soft tissue approximation based surgical procedures. It can be accessed in violet and undyed forms.


  • Synthetic Poliglecaprone suture is known for its monofilament based structure which is absorbed easily.
  • It can be accessed in U.S.P size 1 to 6 and in deep violet as well as in beige golden or undyed form.
  • It is made of pure single polymer of PGCL (polyglycolic co caprolactone).
  • Absorbed via hydrolytic method, the absorption of this suture is fixed.
  • Around 50 to 60% of this suture is absorbed after one week of its fixing, 20% to 30% is absorbed post 2 weeks of implantation and it is totally absorbed within three to four months of insertion.


  • The simple knotting pattern of this monofilament suture promotes its easy passing via the tissues.
  • Known for its good knotting characteristics
  • Acknowledged for its good needle attachment force and high tensility level, this suture uses alloy steel needles (300 series) that ensures about its pointed form, high penetration level and excellent strength.


  • The offered highly absorbable suture is not recommended for extended tissue approximation based surgery under high stress, as for e.g. fascia.

Needle Length Needle Description Suture Length Suture Size in USP
6-0 (0.7) 5-0 (1) 4-0 (1.5) 3-0 (2)
8 mm, 8mm
Double Needle
1/4 Circle micro point spatulated 45 cm OS 2670

12 mm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 45 cm
OS 2493 OS 2494 OS 2495
16 mm 3/8 Circle Cutting Prime 45 cm
OS 2442 OS 2443 OS 2471


Needle Length Needle Description Suture Length Suture Size in USP
4-0(1.5) 3-0(2) 2-0(3) 1-0(3.5) 1(4)
20 mm 1/2 Circle Round Bodied 70 cm OS 2304 OS 2437

20 mm Straight Round body (SRS needle) 45 cm

OS 2545
22 mm 3/8 Circle Cutting 45 cm
OS 2401

22 mm 1/2 Circle Cutting 90 cm
OS 2472

23 mm Heavy 1/2 Circle Reverse cutting 45 cm

OS 2862E
24 mm 5/8 circle reverse cutting 45 cm

OS 2510AD
24 mm 1/2 Circle Reverse cutting 45 cm

OS 2510
26 mm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 76 cm Undyed
OS 2407U

30 mm 1/2 Circle Round Bodied 70 cm

OS 2341 OS 2342
90 cm

OS 2317 OS 2338
30 mm Heavy 1/2 circle taper cutting 45 cm

OS 2511