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Polydioxanone Suture

Polydioxanone Suture
Polydioxanone Suture
Product Code : 11
Product Description

Polydioxanone Sutures are accessible under the brand name of ORYL PD MONO marketed by SRI ORION Sutures. The provided sutures are basically the sterilized synthetic sutures with monofilament based design. These contain monomer of p-dioxanone and polyester. These act as suitable wound supporting systems for prolonged period (maximum 50 days). The monofilament based pattern of these sutures has made these easy to handle. These get absorbed within six months of their implanting via hydrolysis. These have predictable absorption, high tensile strength and good knotting characteristics.

PDS sutures are ideal for use in general orthopaedic surgery, sub cuticular, gastro intestinal tract, paediatric cardiovascular surgery, sheath closure and general surgery. PDS sutures also cause minimal tissue reaction.
The offered sutures are recommended for surgical procedures like sheath closure, sub cuticular, orthopedic surgery, resection of gastro intestinal tract, general surgery and paediatric cardiovascular surgical methods. Patients may experience mild tissue reaction post insertion of these sutures. These are offered in violet color.


  • Easily absorbable violet colored synthetic sutures of Polydioxanone have monofilament based structure and these are offered in U.S.P. 2to 6 size range.
  • These sutures contain homopolymer made of polydioxanone. Predictable absorption via hydrolytic method is one of their main attributes.
  • Theses sutures require around 6 months for their total absorption..
  • Advantages
  • ORYL PD MONO sutures smoothly pass via tissue and their implantation has mild tissue reaction.
  • These possess exceptional knotting characteristics.
  • The offered sutures require longer period to get absorbed by tissue. These are, therefore suitable for prolonged tissue approximation surgery purpose.
  • These high strength sutures are offered with alloy steel (300 series) made extra sharp, highly durable and precisely developed needles.

Usage Indications:

The provided synthetic sutures of ORYL PD MONO can be used for different sorts of tissue approximation based procedures like pediatric cardiac surgery where there is a possibility of tissue growth. These sutures are also suitable for ophthalmic surgical method. These are not recommended for neural tissue surgery, microsurgery and cardiac surgery in adult patients. In short, these sutures are the perfect options for surgical procedure that demands usage of absorbable suture and necessary injury supporting medium for around 42 days.


These absorbable sutures are not suitable for tissue approximation process for more than 42 days under stressful environment. These should not be used with synthetic graft or heart valves.

Type Monofilament
Material Polyester poly (p-dioxanone)
Color Violet
Tissue reaction Minimal
Absorption The hydrolytic action by which the material is broken down results in total absorption in approximately 180 to 210 days. Approximately 50% of tensile strength remains after 42 days.
Tensile Strength 50% tensile strength is retained for 14 days.
USP Range 4/0 2
Sterilization EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Needle Type Round bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight, blunt point
Packing In aluminium foil packages with or without needle