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Plain Catgut Suture

Plain Catgut Suture
Plain Catgut Suture
Product Code : 08
Product Description

Catgut Plain Suture of Progut brand loses its initial strength within 12 days to 15 days after its insertion via hydrolysis mechanism of enzymes.

This suture tends to absorbed at fast pace and its implantation causes mild tissue inflammation.

We offer this suture in ivory colored or undyed form.  EO is used to disinfect this suture.


  • Deep brown colored Catgut Sutures are absorbed naturally when these are handled with chromic salt.
  • Accessible in U.S.P. size 2 to 4, these sutures are the outcome of longitudinal incision of dense mucous membrane tissues of goat and sheep. Its monofilament structure is attained via bending and polishing steps.
  • Hydrolytic functioning of enzymes promotes complete absorption of these sutures. Unlike synthetic sutures, the absorption of catgut sutures is not fixed. These are rapidly absorbed by contaminated tissues.
  • Around three months are required for their complete absorption.


  • Excellent tissue support
  • Uniform absorption
  • Excellent handling properties, High flexibility High tensile strength, Excellent knot security
  • Soft passage through the tissues without sawing, tissue drag and trauma.
  • Excellent knot tie down
  • Guaranteed seal and product sterility


Obtained from the dense mucous membrane tissues of the intestine part of goat and sheep, the disinfected catgut Sutures go through tanning process. Oxidized pyrogallol and chromium slat are used to enhance absorption properties of these sutures and to promote their dark brown color. These sutures can be accessed both in needled and non needled forms. Its needled version is available with stainless steel made needle. The Catgut sutures are packed in disinfected fluid which is formulated by combining 0.40 -0.45% of ethylene oxide, water, isopropanol and sodium benzoate. Their  absorption attributes are in sync with the United States Pharmacopoeia.

Indications: Sutures of Progut are suitable for ophthalmic, ligation and soft tissue approximation purpose.

Application: These sutures need to be chosen and inserted on the basis of the health condition of patients, wound type, surgical procedure and also on the experience of the surgeons.


The fixing of catgut sutures may cause mild inflammatory condition of tissues. The absorption of these sutures is completed via digestive mechanism of proteolytic enzymes. The initial strength of these sutures is lost within three weeks or within 25 days of their implantation and these are totally absorbed within 90 days to 100 days. The pace of absorption and loss of tensile strength of catgut sutures depend on different aspects of human body. These are:

  • Tissues of infected body parts tend to absorb these sutures at higher rate than normal and healthy tissues.
  • Presence of proteolytic enzymes (released from vagina, cervix and stomach) in wounded part promotes fast absorption of catgut sutures.

Contra indications:

These absorbable sutures are not suitable for extended tissue approximation surgery which is conducted under stressful condition. These should not be used for neurological and cardiovascular surgical procedures. As these sutures contain chromic salt and collagen tissues, therefore, Progut sutures are not recommended for patients intolerant to chromium or collagen.


  • Cardiovascular surgery, Neurosurgery
  • Being absorbable not to use when an extended wound support is required.
  • Caution in patients with delayed wound healing (e.g. compromised immune system).
  • In the region of infected wounds known sensitivities or allergies to Collagen

Needle Length Needle Description Suture Length Suture Size in USP
4-0 (2) 3-0 (3) 2-0 (3.5) 1-0 (4)
16 mm 3/8 Circle Cutting 76 cm OS 4270

22 mm 3/8 Circle Cutting 76 cm
OS 5010

30 mm 1/2 Round Bodied 76 cm

OS 4342
30 mm 3/8 Circle Round Bodied 76 cm

OS 5033