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Black Braided Silk Suture

Black Braided Silk Suture
Black Braided Silk Suture
Product Code : 06
Product Description

DURASIL (silk suture) is a non absorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of an organic protein called fibroin.

This protein is derived from the domesticated species Bombyx mori (B. More) of the family Bombycidae. These are processed to remove the natural waxes and gums. DURASIL suture is dyed black and coated with a special wax mixture.

Durasil is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in Cardiovascular, ophthalmic and neurological procedures.


  • High tensile strength, non absorbable
  • Braided or twisted structure
  • Coated multifilament
  • Hermetically sealed packing


  • Good and extended tissue support for up to 3 month
  • Excellent handling properties, High flexibility
  • High tensile strength, Excellent knot security
  • Soft passage through the tissues with minimal sawing, tissue drag and trauma. Good knot tie down / adjustability Reduced capillary action
  • Guaranteed seal and product sterility


General soft tissue closing and/or ligation especially in General surgery, Skin closure, Ophthalmic surgery Oral surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Gynaecology, Obstetrics.


  • Urinary tract, Biliary tract
  • Known allergies or sensitivities to silk
Type Black Braided multifilament.
Material Braided fibres from the cocoon of the silkworm coated with Wax silicone.
Color Black
Tissue reaction Moderate
Absorption Silk suture elicits an initial inflammatory reaction in tissues, which is followed by Gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissues.
Tensile Strength Excellent tensile strength, Excellent knot tying, Minimum tissue reaction
USP Range 7/0 – 4
Sterilization EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Needle Type Round bodied, cutting edge, taper point, straight, blunt point
Packing In aluminium foil packages/ Medical Grade ETO Pouches with or without needle

Needle Length Needle Description Suture Length Suture Size in USP
5-0 (1) 4-0 (1.5) 3-0 (2) 2-0 (3)
12 mm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 76 cm OS 5080

16 mm 3/8 Circle Cutting 76 cm
OS 5001 OS 5002
16 mm 3/8 Circle round bodied 76 cm OS 5081 OS 5082

16 mm 1/2 Circle round bodied 76 cm
OS 5049

20 mm 1/2 Circle round bodied 76 cm
OS 5086 OS 5087
25 mm 1/2 Circle Round Bodied 76 cm

OS 5070
25 mm 1/2 Circle Taper Cutting 76 cm

OS 5670
26 mm 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 76 cm

OS 5028 OS 5029